Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Opacity in IE6

The Issue: First problem is that text set with opacity looks like crap. It’s to do with the anti-aliasing (yes, even with ClearType enabled).

Second problem is that even when you use

.opaque {
filter: alpha(opacity=70);

The opacity doesn’t kick in.

The Solution: For problem 2, add zoom: 1; to the IE-only rule above.

Happiness ensues.

As for IE6 anti-aliasing ugliness, I just wipe out the filter: filter: none;. So you don’t get opacity in IE6. Not the end of my world.

According to stats for the website, at least a quarter of the IE traffic is still using version 6. UPGRADE, PEOPLE! DO IT! DO IT NOW!

The bane of my existence…

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